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Reimagine your whole school — with the right tools

Use our 7-step approach to break the status quo and create real-world learning opportunities for your students.

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Reimagine your whole school — with the right tools

Use our 7-step approach to break the status quo and create real-world learning opportunities for your students.

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Fear of failure is the No. 1 reason leaders resist change

Every school leader dreams of taking their school from Good to Great. But the path to high-performance takes more than desire. It requires a whole-system mindset.

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Goins

As a former school district superintendent, I empathize with the pressures and anxieties you face day in and day out. Building high-performing schools is a difficult and lonely enterprise — it’s harder today than ever. As a school leader, it helps to have someone experienced in your corner to navigate the challenges and pitfalls that come with transformational leadership. My 7-step executive coaching program was created to help district superintendents and building principals reimagine their schools for 21st-century success.

How my approach is different

Join me — and take these 7 steps to reimagine your schools today

Most educational leadership coaches specialize in a single topic — school culture, PBIS, reading, math scores. My 7-step approach helps leaders see the full enterprise, so you can invest your team’s time and resources in the areas of greatest impact.


Redefine school success

Define what it means to be successful in the 21st-century and create a plan, and the right messaging, to get there.


Recognize the changing role of the teacher

Explore the role of the teacher, and how it’s changing, to give students more ownership over their own learning.


Embrace principles of deeper learning & design thinking

Master practical strategies designed to help teams bring experiential and real-world learning opportunities into the classroom.


Reimagine physical learning spaces

Take a hard look at your classrooms and learning spaces and explore changes to increase collaboration and engagement.


Move toward evidence-based assessments

Traditional grading systems aren’t doing students or schools any favors. See how evidence-based assessments change that conversation.


Create student-focused accountabilities

Test scores don’t tell the whole picture. Explore emerging accountability alternatives that put students first.


Turn your redesign into a full-team effort

Design a collaborative process that brings administrators and teachers together to create truly student-centered schools.

What other school leaders are saying about my whole-system approach

Greg Goins raises the bar when it comes to bringing innovation to our ability to effect change and progress across our school systems.

Ted DintersmithEducation Author, Film Producer, Innovation Expert

Greg has a deep understanding of the unique challenges leaders face daily and recognizes the urgent need to innovate to meet students' needs.

Kareem FarahCEO & Co-Founder of The Modern Classrooms Project

Greg understands the challenges, but he brings his unique skill set and dives in with a collaborative mindset to help and support the change process.

Amber HeffnerExecutive Director of Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA)

If your educational team believes in the need for change and innovation, then Dr. Goins can be an amazing collaborator by your side.

Traysea MoreseaSuperintendent at Greenup County Schools (KY)

How to work with me - in three easy steps


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Don’t be ruled by fear.

Start your journey from Good to Great today.

Contact me for your free strategy session — and see how my 7-step approach can help reimagine your schools for true 21st-century success.

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